About us

Urban Closet was started to bring a wide variety of ethnic wear collections to the millennial Indian women who were aware that ethnic wears brings out the best in them but also don't want to stick to old grandma style drapes.

We have a wide variety of handpicked collections from all the best manufacturing units of India without any middlemen, this makes Urban Closet not only classy but also very affordable. When you choose to buy from our online store, you are blindly saving a minimum of 60% on the price. 🤯

As we evolved we did notice that most of my customers were very self aware of how they looked 

"Thasleema i'm dark, will this colour suit me?"

"I'm fat, will sarees make me look heavier?"

"Am i too thin for this?"

"Will I look darker in this colour"

which is ironic because every customer picture i have ever received was nothing but absolute gorgeousness, so moving forward i just want to inspire women to realise how gorgeous the looked. 

Dear Closetian, You are beautiful, yes you! who is reading this. Our clothes can only enhance your existing beauty, because you are already gorgeous! 

Every purchase from Urban Closet is our reminder to you about your gorgeousness, you deserve every freaking thing in the world. And a reminder to spread the body positivity to another women you know!

Let's slay it Queen! 👑